When will the five major promotion activities of Amazon, Wal-Mart and other platforms begin this year?

Black Friday this year is November 23, the second day after Thanksgiving. Although this is the official start date for Black Five, in reality many transactions will begin in early November.

Most in-store sales may not begin until Thanksgiving, but online Black Friday sales will begin as early as Monday, November 19. Here are some predictions of when to launch Black Friday sales for mainstream retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Amazon’s “Black Friday Countdown” event may start on November 1st

Although Amazon has not yet announced a specific date, it is likely to start its annual “Black Friday Countdown” event on November 1. This is also the day when Amazon opened the “Black Five” offer. It may officially launch the “Black Friday Week” event on November 16th, which is the best time to start the transaction.

In the past, similar promotions have also achieved some good results. However, for sellers, Black Five special sales need a certain amount of preferential efforts, it is recommended that sellers be cautious, because many customers started Black Friday shopping activities in the second half of November.

In the past few years, sellers who have experienced Amazon Black Five activities have feedback, and sales have increased significantly during the time when Black Five was approaching.

Wal-Mart Black Friday sales may begin in late October

Last year, some Wal-Mart merchants launched their sales activities before Black Friday on October 29. It turns out that this doesn’t make much sense. Merchants only use the word “Black Friday” in their names, and there are no other special things. However, this year, other businesses may try to follow their footsteps and launch the Black Five sales event at the end of October.

Wal-Mart will start the in-store Black Friday Sale at 6pm Thanksgiving. It will hold online promotions on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Best Buy

According to the situation in previous years, this year’s Black Five Best Buy may start an in-store promotion at 5pm Thanksgiving. Last year it actually closed at 1 am on Friday and then reopened at 8 am. This year, Best Buy may also use this method to distinguish between Black Five and Thanksgiving promotions.


Target is expected to start its in-store Black Friday promotion at 6pm Thanksgiving. Online offers will open all day on Thursday and Friday, and some offers may still be available on weekends. Usually on the day of the advertisement, Target has an early visit activity, which should be around November 5.

The memorandum that started the above five majors hopes that cross-border sellers will pay attention as early as possible, and prepare in advance to win the battle in the Black Five and complete the small goals in mind.

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