FBAforward: What does the Amazon FBA mean?

Amazon FBA Chinese name; Amazon logistics and distribution services. It is easy for the seller to use the FBA and only five steps are required to complete the entire service process.

The first step: send the goods to the Amazon seller to sell new or second-hand merchandise for sale to Amazon’s overseas logistics center. Upload the merchandise information to the seller’s platform; let Amazon distribute all the stock or part of the inventory; print the Amazon to provide the PDF tag or use the Amazon logistics labeling service; use the Amazon discount distribution or select the seller’s own carrier.

Step 2: Amazon Stores Merchant Merchandise Register and store all received items in Amazon’s ready-to-sell inventory. Amazon classifies and stores the merchandise category in the ready shipping inventory; Amazon receives and scans the seller’s inventory; records the merchandise size for storage; monitors the inventory through the Amazon’s integrated tracking system.

The third step: the customer orders to buy goods customers on the Amazon platform, the use of FBA way to order the goods. Amazon will deliver orders, including orders that are generated directly on Amazon or the seller’s delivery requirements that are not sold on Amazon. Since the order of more than $ 35 is eligible for free delivery, the item will be sorted by the price of the freight ; Amazon Gold Service members can update the delivery requirements of the Amazon logistics products. (Note: multi-channel delivery orders that do not include other sites and services including Amazon Webstore and Checkout by Amazon)

The fourth step: Amazon sorting, packaging the sale of goods. Amazon from the seller’s inventory, sorting, packaging, ready to send. Amazon uses our advanced website to the warehouse, high-speed sorting and sorting system to locate the seller’s merchandise; the buyer can combine the seller’s order with the other Amazon-delivered merchandise.

Step 5: Amazon Delivery. Amazon from the logistics center, the delivery of goods to the customer. Amazon sellers from the operation center network distribution to the hands of buyers; Amazon use the buyer to choose the distribution of the distribution of the buyer’s order, to provide tracking information for the buyer. For orders placed on Amazon, buyers can contact Amazon for customer service.

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