The patent right was invaded, and the victim complained about a big wave of sellers!

Recently, Canon announced that it has submitted an infringement report to Amazon asking Amazon to remove the listing of some ink cartridges on the platform. It is reported that these ink cartridges are sold by Etechwork for HP laser printers.

Canon’s infringement report stated that the CF280A ink cartridge sold by Etechwork on Amazon infringed Canon’s patent rights, with specific US patent numbers 8,280,278, 8,630,564, 8,682,215, 8,688,008 and 8,676,090. Canon asked Amazon to remove the listings of these products sold by Etechwork, namely the ASIN codes for B06X3YZ141 and B06WRVGXY1. Now, these two products have not been found on Amazon.

In fact, Canon has been fighting infringement in recent years. Especially at the beginning of this year, Canon sued the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for 49 manufacturers and distributors of ink cartridges and photoreceptors, claiming that they infringed their patents. US Patent Nos. 9,746,826, 9,836,021, 9,841,727 9,841,728, 9,841,729, 9,857,764, 9,857,765, 9,869,960 and 9,874,846.

The names of these companies that have been complained are as follows↓↓

Ninestar Corporation;

Ninestar Image Tech Limited;

Ninestar Technology Company, Ltd.;

Apex Microtech Ltd.;

Static Control Components, Inc.;

Aster Graphics, Inc.;

Jiangxi Yibo E tech Co., Ltd.;

Aster Graphics Co., Ltd.;

Print-Rite Holdings Ltd.;

Print-Rite N.A., Inc.;

Union Technology Int’l (M.C.O.) Co. Ltd.;

Print-Rite Unicorn Image Products Co. Ltd.;

Kingway Image Co., Ltd.;

Ourway Image Tech Co., Ltd.;

Ourway Image Co., Ltd.;

Zhuhai Aowei Electronics Co., Ltd.;

Ourway US Inc.;

9010-8077 Quebec Inc.;

Acecom, Inc. – San Antonio;

ACM Technologies, Inc.;

Apex Excel Limited;

Arlington Industries, Inc.;

Billiontree Technology USA Inc.;

Bluedog Distribution Inc.;

CLT Computers, Inc.;

Do It Wiser LLC;

EIS Office Solutions, Inc.;

eReplacements, LLC;

Fairland, LLC;

Frontier Imaging, Inc.;

FTrade, Inc.;

Garvey’s Office Products, Inc.;

Global Cartridges;

GPC Trading Co., Limited;

Hong Kong BoZe Co., Limited;

Master Print Supplies, Inc.;

I8 International, Inc.;

Imaging Supplies Investors, LLC;

Ink Technologies Printer Supplies, LLC;

Kuhlmann Enterprises, Inc.;

LD Products, Inc.;

Linkyo Corp.;

Online Tech Stores, LLC;

Print After Print, Inc.;

Reliable Imaging Computer Products, Inc.;

The Supplies Guys, LLC;

V4INK, Inc.;

World Class Ink Supply, Inc.;

Zinyaw LLC.

Not only that, but Canon also sued these companies in local courts across the United States, claiming infringement of the above patents.

As can be seen from the name of the company, some are Chinese. In the past cases of infringement, there were also spearheads pointing to Chinese sellers and enterprises, and Trump also bite the “intellectual property” when

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