Sales in the peak season will increase by 13% this year, orders and traffic mainly come from…

Data show that this year, e-commerce revenue in the global holiday season is expected to increase by 13% over the previous year, and sales of products based on artificial intelligence will account for 35% of total peak revenue.

It is understood that Salesforce has integrated the activities of 500 million global shoppers from 53 countries and the billions of transactions supported by Commerce Cloud, and has come up with the following forecasts for this year’s peak season.

1, the best weekly network sales

Network Week, which starts from Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, will account for 40% of all digital revenues during the peak season. Black Friday will once again be the best digital shopping day of the season, accounting for 10% of the season’s revenue, while Cyber Monday will account for 8% of sales.

According to global sales rankings, the top five digital shopping days will be: Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Internet Sunday, Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Saturday.

50% of holiday shopping will be completed by December 2nd, one day ahead of the 2017 holiday season.

2, the mobile terminal will dominate the peak season this year

This year, traffic from the mobile side will account for 68% of all peak season traffic, an increase of 19% compared with the same period last year, a record high.

During the holiday season, orders from the mobile phone will exceed the computer or tablet, which is the first time in history. Among them, orders from mobile phones accounted for 46%, followed by orders from the computer, accounting for 44%, while 9% from tablets.

On Christmas Eve, many shoppers will use mobile phones to shop, and the share of traffic and orders from the mobile terminal will peak, with traffic accounting for 72% and orders accounting for 54%.

“Since the advent of e-commerce, mobile has undoubtedly been the most devastating force in the retail industry,” said Rick Kenney, head of Salesforce’s consumer insights. “Even consumers who shop in stores use mobile devices – 83% of shoppers between the ages of 18 and 44 use mobile phones in physical stores.”

3, Instagram will become the fastest growing social marketing channel

During the peak season this year, traffic from social media will exceed 5%, an increase of 17% over last year. And Instagram will stand out in this holiday season, becoming the fastest growing social channel for off-site drainage, with traffic growth of 51% compared to the same period last year.

Among them, shoppers of health and beauty products are most likely to go from Instagram to e-commerce sites.

4, artificial intelligence recommendation

Product recommendation based on AI will bring more growth. Since the holiday season in 2017, the revenue from artificial intelligence recommended products will increase by 25%, and this year will account for 35% of all revenue.

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