FBAforward: Professional interpretation on FBA head of logistics for Amazon Sellers

First, the decision FBA aging password

FBA aging depends on the speed of flight, customs clearance, the quality of local feeder services, operating FBA company’s professional level of these four factors.

1, flights from the geographical points of domestic and Hong Kong take off two types from the direct and fly two
Prices of domestic flights are cheaper than those of Hong Kong. Beijing and Guangzhou are the two main airports for domestic flight in FBA. Prices and aging of flights in different parts of China are also different. Beijing is cheaper than Guangzhou and second-tier cities such as Zhengzhou, Kunming and Wuhan Cheaper than Beijing. Beijing goods too much, because the FBA company out of the price is not high, so the air positions even in the off-season may not be guaranteed, hit a link which has a problem, we must back row a few days.

Moreover, the time from Guangdong to Beijing takes about two or three days. Guangzhou Airport, in general, has a shorter lead time than Beijing and its price is more expensive than that of Beijing. However, Guangzhou Airport frequently checks contraband and product documents more severely than Beijing and therefore often delays it. Other cities in the country lower the price of the declaration in the local customs there is also a lot of uncertainty, the flight positions are also less, are often temporary purchase of goods, so the price is also relatively low, it is possible when the FBA When the goods are transferred to these airports from other countries, there may be no positions.

Domestic flights are mainly passenger aircraft loading, unstable positions, security is also very strict. Hong Kong International Airport is the airport, the largest number of flights, and the main freighter in the transport, security checks taken at the airport is secured inspection is the aviation agent at the airport to obtain a qualification certificate, a certificate of each batch to be signed to prove, There is no problem on the plane, it is very loose, the Customs and Excise Department is basically free port inspection. Hong Kong Airport Fly basically do not encounter too many uncertainties, but Hong Kong shipping costs much more expensive than domestic.

The same airport, different airlines speed is very different, good aviation speed is stable. More important is to look at the logistics company whether there are many airlines resources, you can flexibly set positions, swap positions.
2, the clearance rate of sub-exports and destinations of imports and exports in general there is no big impact, mainly in different cities of the documents, the strict requirements of the different goods. Import destination is the most important part affecting FBA speed and safety. Because FBA we want low-cost, low-cost can be the only significant savings can be saved is the value-added tax, tariffs, only the low declaration to save, but will increase the probability of checking the strict customs. The intellectual property of the goods, the necessary certification of the products, such as CE, FDA and so on are the main factors that affect the speed and safety of customs clearance.
3, the local connection service, the goods cleared after the destination out of the airport and then sent to the local UPS, DHL, DPD and other tail delivery company’s warehouse, if the local company is not good, the goods from the customs clearance, a few days Did not mention the delivery to the delivery company’s warehouse, will affect the speed, but the impact is not great.
4, the logistics company to do FBA on the market really too much, but in fact really clear and grasp the transit of goods, customs clearance, local delivery and so the whole process is very small. Therefore, we sellers friends should know more about some modes of operation and the risks encountered in customs clearance. In terms of transshipment, it is necessary to understand how freight companies choose flights; how to control the risks encountered during customs clearance so as to avoid the goods staying in the customs for a long time so as to ensure the timeliness of the goods.
Second, how to avoid the secrets of FBA deduction

At present, FBA channels on the market are uneven and the operation modes are different. If we can understand the reason of deducting customs clearance, we can avoid the mistakes of customs clearance and reduce the probability of deduction. Generally, the situation of deduction goods is caused by the following factors:

1, a more common situation is that because the customer’s own product causes, such as the country of destination that the goods are brand goods, CE certification, Bluetooth, FDA, FCC and other certification issues; the goods belong to the local anti-dumping goods, the need to provide relevant authorization Or certification reports can not be provided; the United States due to low filing caused more deduction off the situation.

2, the mode of operation of the logistics company: the general situation appears withholding, customs clearance in the destination country out of the question here. Currently there are several ways on the market clearance: the general trade clearance, baggage clearance, customs clearance of international courier, if a logistics company lack of experience in customs clearance, but also prone to buckle situation. Division I will be in accordance with the customer’s product type to arrange customs clearance, to the maximum extent possible to protect the clearance risk

3, low declaration: low declaration is currently used by many logistics companies on the market a trick, mainly for tax evasion, this operation is also greatly increased the risk of deduction! In this regard, FBAforward can declare it within the acceptable range of the customs to avoid any deduction due to the declaration. VAT We ​​use the traditional local importer VAT, because they are all normal import and payment costs of the business, the credibility of the highest in the customs, to maximize the security clearance.

To sum up: how to effectively avoid the buckle, the seller needs friends and logistics companies cooperate with each other to achieve each other. Of course, finding a strong and experienced logistics company is also crucial.
Third, the arrival of the season, teach you how to do not barn

    Every year, the peak season, are the most important period of our sellers and friends, if you master the time, the goods into the warehouse in a timely manner, you can avoid the goods due to storage problems caused by lack of stock, can not be sold, resulting in a decline in rankings caused huge losses. Therefore, our sellers friends in the choice of logistics, we must pay special attention to the FBA head-haul transport problems.

First of all, the most important part of the liquidation is the increase in the number of cargoes, while there is no increase in the positions of the airlines, resulting in a backlog of aviation parts in the entire market.

At this time the logistics company signed the position is adequate is the most important, because in the off-season when the cargo is not much, the peak season cargo volume soaring positions after the short positions.

Logistics companies in the off-season will have to reserve more positions, but more positions in the off-season how to do, can only be slightly less to sell some of the traditional aviation market, the season can give the FBA head Cheng Cheng, as long as it is in their own reserves Receipts within the range of positions, not too much, it will not row positions.

Second, there are a variety of solutions, such as international courier straight hair, of course, the international express delivery to the peak season is also serious, but the logistics market is not the position of the international express delivery straight hair, the price is more expensive.

Therefore, sellers and friends do not want to warehouse season, select the strength is the need for logistics companies to control each channel of the process and optimization, the most important logistics company doing things reliable, sellers and friends can not be cheap, always looking for The lowest price. Positions in the peak season is the most valuable, not a big loss.

FBAforward logistics has a variety of alternative programs, the first of its kind in Europe can be 6-8 days, the United States, Canada can also do not row positions during the peak season.

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