FBAforward: For Reinforcements of season logistics, Amazon Japan station will add two FBA warehouse in November

The season comes, Amazon FBA‘s important holiday network of FBA Warehouse Friday (early December) also put on the agenda, so many chances have nothing to stop the seller to board the sales peak!

As the world’s third largest electricity market in Japan, the existing overseas warehouse has been unable to meet the Amazon dealer goods logistics and distribution, but also can not support the Amazon in Japan continued rapid growth scale.

FBAforward was informed that in November 2017, Amazon Japan will add two FBA warehouse, plus the Amazon Japanese station is currently opening nine FBA warehouse, a total of 11 distribution FBA warehouse.
Xiaobian first share with you the existing Amazon Japan 9 distribution FBA warehouse distribution:

Kanto area: Kawasaki FC (NRT5), Kawashima FC (HND3), Odawara FC (FSZ1), Ichikawa FC (NRT1), eight thousand generations FC (NRT2)
Kansai area: Dadong FC (KIX2), Sakai FC (KIX1), multi-rule see FC (NGO2)
Saga County: bird habitat FC (HSG1)
The following chart can give you a clearer understanding of the day FBA warehouse:

For Reinforcements of season logistics, Amazon Japan station will add two FBA warehouse in November 1

It is understood that, November 1, 2017, Fujii Temple FC will be opened, the eight prince FC will also be opened on November 15, the two warehouses are prepared for small goods warehousing.

Fujii Temple FC is located in Osaka Prefecture, and the Hachioji FC is located in Tokyo. In this way, the Kanto warehouse has been upgraded to 6, Kansai has reached 4, Saga 1, a total of 11 distribution FBA positions, follow-up sellers or logistics business to print FBA warehousing Do not be surprised when the label.

Xiao Bian do a small map so that we also have a closer look at the two positions in the end where

In fact, Xiaobian learned that the Japanese Amazon warehouse a total of 20, as shown below:

But I do not know why not open to the outside, I heard that some are internal for personal use.

FBAforward learned that FBAforward International http://fbaforward.cn/ was established in 2008, the company specializes in China to Japan logistics line, 10 years of experience in the logistics of Japan for the majority of export cross-border electric business escort, business products: Sub-aviation FBA, Nichia FBA, overseas warehouse (return labeling, a generation on behalf of the sea, FBA prices lower to 1000 yuan / square.

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