FBAforward: By the warehouse with the sale, FBA return, refund, The Amazon operation blind area has to know

Amazon FBA mode of return and refund in the end how to deal with it? FBAforward said Amazon and sell a wave of unprepared, although the Amazon with the sale of the phenomenon of a long time, and driven by the interests of goods, repeated prohibition of malicious and selling is not limited to the seller of this group. According to the seller said that the Amazon platform also appeared in the product with the sale, there are sellers by the Amazon warehouse with the sale, money and goods two empty, which in the end what is the situation?

Heart! Cargo damage have to give money … …

Recently, a seller on the Amazon platform to sell electronic products to the Hugo net broke the news that he found in the shop under the shopping cart of a hot electronic products by the Amazon warehouse with the sale.

The seller said that the Amazon official explained that the Amazon second sale of goods are sold in the compensation for the sale of the seller now, for example: Amazon will have some of the damaged goods to compensate the seller as a condition of the corresponding loss of stock exchange ownership , While the Amazon platform for the latter part of the sale and sales with the seller has nothing to do with the income.

(Map / seller shopping cart screenshots)
Insiders said that this is usually the case, are buyers return situation, in the Amazon platform, some categories of goods returned by the buyer will be re-shelves to the seller’s available inventory.

But the electronic products if the customer is filled in the quality of the problem, it will not be detected, can not be sold directly, the Amazon platform is also possible in the product can not be sold under the premise of their own goods to the second-hand market to sell;

Moreover, the seller because the product is damaged or other special circumstances can not be sold, and can not be effectively removed from overseas FBA warehouse, the seller will usually destroy the entire shipment, and the seller in the process of commissioning the destruction of the Amazon, not only Lost the ownership of the goods, the seller also need to bulk the number of pieces of goods to the Amazon to pay 0.15USD – 0.3USD one of the destruction costs.

Under what circumstances can Amazon compensate?

According to the seller claimed that “the Amazon platform to detect our products removed from the inventory, but the goods can be used as a second-hand sales, Amazon has the right to shelves and sell in our shop behind the listing, do not give me any compensation cost;

The most unfair is that some products are good, may be due to serious damage to the packaging, or other reasons, into a non-sellable state, but the actual utility of the product it is available;

There may be part of the buyer malicious retreat, that is not sold state, because the goods are not to our own warehouse, all in accordance with the rules of the Amazon, the buyer for unknown personal reasons to fill the goods damaged or lost the actual Utility, this part of the goods may have suffered losses for no reason. “The seller said.

(Map / seller and Amazon customer service dialogue screenshots)
In the latter part of the negotiations with the Amazon platform, the platform customer service staff said that due to logistics loading and unloading damage caused by the loss and loss of the phenomenon, or the buyer promised to return to the warehouse and over 45 days to the warehouse of these conditions, the Amazon platform will be the seller Compensation.

Amazon order buyer refund, return

In the process of communicating with the seller, it said that the Amazon side frankly for the Amazon order buyers return rules, Amazon finally have the right to decide to accept or refuse to return and determine the status of goods returned.


In the case of a refund, the money is refunded to the buyer for all or part of the cost of the purchase of the goods, and in some cases the Amazon platform will send the “refundable refund” to the buyer, in other words , Some items that do not meet the return requirements may not be refundable.


In return, the return is the buyer sent back to the Amazon operations center of the goods, Amazon will assess the status of each return of goods, if the goods are determined to be “sellable”, Amazon will be re-placed in the seller’s available inventory; If it is determined that the item is in a “non-sellable state” (for example, it is defective or damaged), Amazon will assess who caused the damage to the product (Amazon or buyer) and use that information to determine whether the seller meets the claim.

If the return of goods and the previous release of the situation is different, such as defects, have been damaged, has been opened, the lack of required labels, are prohibited goods or belong to other unsuitable sales of goods, the Amazon official will be classified as “not sold” The

For example, a buyer returns a digital camera, because the camera is containing “non-volatile memory”, and if there is evidence of use, then the Amazon will mark it as “not sold”, the seller When you receive such a return item, you should delete the device’s instrument memory.

For such events, many of the same troubled by the seller is also complain:

“We are forced to the goods, the platform to sell second-hand, the price is also selling very low”

“Helpless to destroy, the platform also took to sell, have to give it money”

“Heart, and some buyers say the goods from the goods damage, I can only consider themselves bad luck”

Sellers gods, you have to avoid the way? Welcome to comment area message to avoid play.

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