FBAforward: Amazon Sellers must know the steps on FBA head end transport

Amazon Sellers must know the steps on FBA head end transport

Fast logistics aging

In addition to creating hot listings, fast time-to-market is Amazon’s “other leg.”

To the United States market, for example, the seller enabled FBA, almost all orders can be guaranteed within 2 days delivery to the door, this time-effectiveness has brought a very good consumer experience, which is very conducive to the establishment of sellers credibility platform, and then significantly increase the rankings, Bring more orders

Many large sellers who produce thousands of sunsets at a time are improving their quality and quantity after enabling FBA. Now, more and more Amazon sellers realize the importance of using FBA.

However, the real operation has a lot of blind spots, Amazon is only responsible for receiving goods, is not responsible for delivery, customs clearance, the seller how to operate to successfully deliver the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse? The following FBAforward by a professional consultant to tell you the FBA head of the transport must know the steps.

Must know the steps:
Check whether each product line with the number of filled out the same;
Use a laser printer to print the appropriate label, the paper size should be appropriate to ensure that the label will not be seen or blurred;
According to the PDF file provided by Amazon, make labels, each product is labeled;
Make sure the name and attribute of the item match the sticky label;
Under the carrier’s label, stick the label of the container;
Choose a carrier that can provide a tracking number so that Amazon can track the shipment;

Can not do:
1, do not use inkjet printers to print products or packaging labels.

2, do not stick to the packaging label may damage the interface, will affect the scan.

3, do not let the weight of the transport package more than 50 pounds, or to be prompted label.

4, Do not combine the different goods together transport, the number of transport must be consistent with the fill.

5, the number of shipments should not be more than the number of online reports.

6, delivery box do not still save the previous delivery of the invoice, easy to confuse.

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