FBAforward: Some Questions about Amazon FBA ?

Here to sort out the Amazon FBA common problems:

FBA full name is Fulfilment by Amazon, it is provided by the Amazon, including warehousing, picking package, delivery, payment, customer service and return processing of one-stop logistics services. But not responsible for customs clearance and delivery of services to the Amazon warehouse. In layman’s terms, Amazon sellers can store the inventory in the Amazon FBA warehouse, by the Amazon is responsible for delivery, sale, a bit similar to Jingdong, whether self or non-self, have Jingdong logistics delivery.

Second, the FBA head is what the meaning of FBA head is the goods from the factory to the destination of the Amazon warehouse a transport process, that is, from the domestic – foreign Amazon warehouse this paragraph, known as the FBA first-line transport services, sea and air express delivery , Including the middle of customs clearance and other services. There are many domestic service providers to provide FBA headline service providers.

Third, on the FBA return Many sellers will ask, send FBA goods If the customer to apply for return, Amazon is not directly through the seller to return the refund? Yes, FBA’s shortcomings are more casual return, you want to know the reasons for the refund can communicate with the buyer. If Amazon is a refund of product losses, Amazon will give compensation after the second sale with the sale out, but if the product is the quality of their own problems caused by the refund, Amazon will not compensate.

FBA order return, then need to deduct it? Amazon FBA orders if the customer requests a return, the general category of the seller is no longer need to pay another fee (FBA staff free pick-up), but some categories are required to charge some fees. Made after the FBA, the product price is not to be modified? Will Amazon take my price as a matter of course? Product pricing are the seller to set their own, so they have to do a good job of product cost accounting, and then determine the price of their products, because after the FBA, the cost is increased, the corresponding product sales price should also increase. Amazon will not give buyers pricing, only the buyer’s freight, but the freight with the seller has nothing to do.

Fourth, the advantages and disadvantages of FBA FBA’s advantages:

1, FBA products all have shopping cart, improve the product (listing) ranking, improve customer trust, and then enhance the conversion rate
2, fast delivery, the average buyer to buy FBA products, you can receive the next day;
3, Amazon professional customers to help deal with pre-sale consulting and after-sales problems;
4, Amazon has the right to erase the logistics delivery problems arising from the poor assessment (including delivery time, including crushing damage, etc. caused by the FBA problems)
 5, for the standard size, the price of more than 300USD products exempt from all FBA logistics costs

FBA’s weaknesses:
1, in general, integrated logistics costs higher than the domestic delivery, but also depends on the product, generally more suitable for small size, light weight, slightly higher prices of some products, if the volume is light weight, then the FBA’s head Bubble goods, the cost and its high, even more than 1-2 times the cost of the product, FBA to be careful
2, poor flexibility, FBA customer service can only answer the logistics returns and other simple questions, for professional product problems, Amazon customer service do not understand, can not answer, if the customer requests return, Amazon customer service will unconditionally agreed.
3, if the pre-work is not done, the most important thing is to paste the product label problem, will affect the warehousing, or even into the library, so we should first ask the logistics company staff to help deal with the label problem, the fee is double the processing fee. So, it is recommended that the first time do FBA business do not do a lot, more SKU so Amazon will be assigned to several different warehouses, the novice is very troublesome
 4, if the United States to do the FBA, the return address only to support the United States, if returned to the country, then import, so that the domestic tariff and its high, even if the FBA destroyed, but also charge the cost of destruction.
5, FBA does not provide customs clearance services, so only the first line of logistics companies to help clear customs clearance, but also clearance is not high cost.

5, FBA operation of the process

1. Register FBA. Find the Amazon service page, click on “Fulfillment by Amazon”, in the jump out of the page to fill in the company name and check to agree to the relevant provisions of the Amazon and the agreement, the final choice FBA service can be successfully registered.

2. Select the FBA product. In the “Inventory” page, check the products to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse, select “Change Fulfillment by Amazon”, these selected products will be successfully converted to FBA Inventory. Note that when we put the product from the seller spontaneously The goods are converted into Amazon until the Amazon receives the goods before the shelves, the seller’s product’s listings are in a state where the buyer can not see it. If the seller wants to be in this period of time, or let the buyer see your product and the seller is still in the case of domestic inventory, when the time can be converted from FBA Inventory. Transfer to the process also need to set the number of domestic products inventory. But some sellers in the inventory page or not converted back to the listings of the time, take the product SKU search in the background, the general search out, this time the seller can set the domestic inventory.

3. Operation FBA shipping process (Send / Replenish Inventory). The first step is Set Quantity, then enter the number of goods shipped under the unit. If you do not enter the product before the product packaging size, then the seller also need to fill in the product packaging size.

There are two types of Packing Type: Individual products and Case packed products. Individual products are mixed, that is, different products are mixed boxes, Case packed products are the same products with the same SKU installed in a box.

The second step is Prepare Products.

The third step is Label Products. Here need to pay attention to the background to let the seller choose in the end is the Amazon label or the seller posted their own. Of course, the seller to save money or their own labeling, after all, if the Amazon label, then the need for charges. If you select the seller’s own label, select “Merchant” under “others labels” and select the label paper for the appropriate label.

The fourth step is Review Shipments, where you can see which store the Amazon distributes the seller’s product to. Each Shipment name represents each warehouse, and you can see the seller storing several products into the warehouse. The seller needs to click on “Work on shipment” to continue.

The fifth step is Prepare Shipment. In the shipping service side there are shipping method and shipping carrier two let the seller to choose. General seller shipping weight of about 60 kg on the choice of small parcel delivery (SPD).

In addition shipping carrier below even if the seller chooses UPS to ship, but I suggest that the seller choose other carrier, and in the drop down box select “other” .Shipping labels that box box label, then this need to print out, when the packaging is completed Outer box. The sixth step is summary. Fill in the logistics tracking number, when the seller tracking number to get the hand after the mark has been shipped.

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