New opportunities: the scale of the Turkish e-commerce market will reach 50 billion shillings by the end of the year

In 2017, Middle East E-Commerce ushered in the continuous improvement of infrastructure such as giant acquisition, capital layout, China power entry, logistics, and payment… The traditional retail industry in the region has been impacted by e-commerce. In 2018, this impact will be More violent.

Among the countries in the Middle East, Turkey’s development has attracted much attention this year. With Amazon’s business in the area, Turkey’s e-commerce business will usher in rapid development.

Turkey’s e-commerce business is growing rapidly

In the past two years, the Turkish e-commerce industry has experienced significant growth. It is expected that the e-commerce market will reach 50 billion shillings by the end of this year, last year was 42.2 billion shillings and 2016 was 308 billion shillings.

According to the report of the Turkish Information Industry Association, since 1997, the e-commerce sector has been operating in Turkey and has made significant contributions to economic development, with sales activities and product diversity continuing to grow.

In 2017, 6 million of the 54 million Internet users in Turkey shop on e-commerce sites.

EmreEkmekçi, chairman of the E-Commerce Association, stressed that Turkey’s Internet penetration rate is getting faster and faster, while smartphone penetration is higher than the global average.

Ekmekçi said that Turkish consumers can quickly adapt to digital development and added that the multi-channel business model has greatly promoted the development of e-commerce. Incorporating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the e-commerce sector, consumers have more choices and are more likely to find them online, which has changed consumer shopping behavior and expanded the business volume of SMEs.

About 70% of e-commerce business is done through mobile channels

Ekmekçi said consumers are not willing to waste time on products they are not interested in, and they want their shopping experience to be completely private. Therefore, big data algorithms will become an indispensable part of e-commerce. In addition, “VR” and “AR” technologies will bring the customer experience to the perfect combination of retail and e-commerce.

More than 70% of e-commerce websites use mobile channels, and even nearly 50% of sales are done through these channels. The use of mobile channels is very high, especially in the textile and ready-to-wear categories.

With the addition of Amazon, the Turkish e-commerce business will usher in rapid growth in the next five years.

Turkish consumers can quickly adapt to the digital environment, and the local e-commerce business will achieve rapid growth in the next five years. This has been confirmed by large global retailers and e-commerce companies that have realized this potential in Turkey.

In addition, the investment of foreign companies in Turkey also shows that the local e-commerce business has huge growth potential. Large companies such as Amazon have entered Turkey, which will help the market to continue to develop rapidly. At present, Amazon has started to operate in Turkey, and conditional Amazon sellers can pay attention to this potential market.

Ekmekçi said that the Turkish e-commerce business is looking forward to the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and relevant departments will also provide incentives for the development of this business.

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