FBAforward: Fundamentals of Amazon FBA

One: Whether Amazon FBA supports the return service

Amazon FBA warehouse currently does not provide return service, the general dispute to give buyers refund processing, if the seller account problems or product quality problems, amazon generally there are two ways to deal with, 1 goods back to the seller Of the foreign local address and paid by the buyer to pay the handling costs and freight 2, direct destruction of goods at the same time charge the cost of destruction.

Two: FBA major costs

1, OrderHandling (order operation fee) 1USD / piece.
2, Pick & ack (goods selection package fee) 1usd / pieces.
3, Weight Handling (weighing fee) 0.8usd / kg.
(In fact, 1.2.3 plus the freight, the United Kingdom and the United States is different, the volume of more than 300x200x20mm or more than 750g (UK) 450g US freight need to view the special FBA freight table)
4, and Inventory Storage 15.94usd / cube.

Three: Amazon shipments to sellers to FBA warehouses.

1. Amazon can not directly as the recipient and the importer (that is, the seller sent to the FBA goods to the FBA when it can not have any fees, while the recipient can not write directly amazon, generally write Person (or shop name).
2. Express class sent to the FBA does not need to play board, in fact, do not need to make an appointment FBA will be posted in the box box / tag to identify the goods belong to which customers.
3. Large cargo shipment to FBA goods first 2 days in advance booking, and there can be tracking tracking. At the same time large cargo must be playing the tray and tray specifications and requirements more stringent, if not meet the requirements FBA will not accept will be rejected. The specific tray requirements are as follows: Pallet and trailer requirements:
1. The tray size must be 80cm x 120cm and “EUR” and “EPAL” printed on the corner. Can not use broken tray. 2. Mark “Pallet # _of_Pallets” in the upper right corner of each pallet cargo 3. Each pallet must be covered with a transparent protective film containing a tray (the document says the protective film needs to be marked “do not break down”, but this is not hard Regulations) 4. Height of not more than 160cm, including the tray height 5. Each sample shall not exceed 15KG, more than the need to mark “heavyweight”. Each item can weigh up to 30KG (this will not happen) 6. The total weight of the pallet can not exceed 600KG7. The tray on the tray must not exceed the tray 25mm8. If necessary, Amazon receives the use of double trays.

Four: Bill of Landing:
(Must not have this problem at all.) 1. Must contain AM reference number. 2. You must include the number of boxes and the number of trays 3. If possible, indicate the bill of the box mark or the tray label. Landing number

Car requirements: 1. Car weight of not less than 7.5 tons, the car height is not higher than 4m Other vehicle type will not accept 2. The front and the front of the tray must be left enough space for AM personnel unloading (AM does not accept from the side of the tray Unloading) 3. Tray can not be obstructed by other goods, such as empty pallets, other people’s goods etc … AM can refuse the goods if there are other obstacles to the existence of the goods.

Five: packing requirements
1, the product independent packaging (can be without logistics packaging)
2, a single product need to paste from the amazon background brought out of the bar code
3, the box packing a single
4, the outside of the box must have FBA label at least 2.

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