FBAforward: The Shop with 20 million RMB cargo in FBA was closed, because the seller ignored a little!

Still in the storm of sellers, the Shop with 20 million RMB cargo in FBA was closed, because the seller ignored a little ……

The reason why the seller was sealed shop: Complaints by competitors. The complaint is the product description and listing the description does not match, describes the UL certification, but not actually. The key is the seller FBA there are more than 20 million of the goods how to do? This figure is a serious issue.

Sellers are also wronged, the product does have UL certification at the supplier, but he is using his own registered brand, did not do the column name, but no column name.

Product sales are using their own brand, UL certification is the supplier’s brand and model, the seller ignored that his own brand must be listed in the UL, you do not have the column name, which means no certification.

Amazon on certain products do related certification, are rules, want to play the seller must comply with the rules of the game. Not to mention the United States suffered a complaint, complained of the shop a dozen products.

God Weapon: The procurement contract, as well as the OEM contract well, the responsibility pushed to the factory over there, there is no timely list of brands in the factory UL certification list. Complaints can be directly facing the UL, Amazon became a passive side.

This product compliance, but the seller did not follow the rules to play, which can not escape the fate of being blocked by Amazon. The key is the Amazon warehouse also pressed more than 20 million goods it, crying can not find reason!

UL is what a ghost?

The reason is sealed shop UL certification issues, UL in the end is what a ghost? It is understood that UL is the abbreviation of the United States Underwriters Laboratories, is the most authoritative in the United States, but also the world engaged in safety testing and identification of large private sector. UL certification is mainly the detection and certification of product safety performance, the ultimate goal is to have the market a very safe level of goods.

UL mark is usually marked on the product and (or) product packaging to indicate that the product has passed UL certification, in line with safety standards.

What does UL mean to cross-border e-commerce sellers?
UL is one of the most troublesome certifications for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Expensive, but not regular factory inspection, check more than twice a year Oh. Which products need UL certification for sale? According to the seller feedback includes lighting products, strong voltage products ……

In the same way the seller does not have UL certification, but forcibly described in the description of the product has been certified, was embarrassed caught. The penalties in the United States are also quite serious with regard to such certification. This investigation of the relevant penalties, the United States Customs counterfeit UL certification behavior, will take the following measures to be addressed: Confirm the false immediately destroyed the UL mark, the first exporter withheld a fine of 2 times the value of the re-offenders to be heavy Penalties, and subject to criminal prosecution.

On the security, the attitude of the United States has always been very tough, the seller can only reduce their own mistakes, do a good job related to product certification.

Before the peak season, do not touch the high-pressure lines that are related to store safety
The matter involves the closure shop, where Xiaobian once again reminded the Amazon official channels, the account can not be touched on the red line pulled out for your information:

1, the product description does not match;
2, ODR indicator
3, infringement;
4, product safety and related certification.


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