FBAforward: FBA storage suddenly restricted, easy three-step solution

High season, many inexperienced sellers like to stockpile, but also because of poor sales lead to warehousing is limited. Suddenly out of this chain when preparing to make money, really anxious personal.

What is the storage limit?

Warehousing restrictions that the seller can store the inventory of Amazon’s logistics center, Amazon regularly monthly automatically assess the storage limit, in order to determine whether the seller’s warehouses to be adjusted.

In calculating the seller’s current stock levels, Amazon often considers the following factors: the seller’s inventory at the Amazon Logistics Center, the stock already in stock and any pending removal requests that have been processed.

How do you know my warehousing is limited?

If your warehousing is restricted, multiple locations in your seller’s account, including your Shipping Queue shipping management page, a storage monitor appears as shown below:

(Hint: If you are not limited to warehousing restrictions, the warehouse monitor will not be displayed.)

In addition, the green, yellow and red bar indicators will remind you how far everyone has to be from their maximum inventory limit:

Three colors three states

Green: Your inventory level is below the limit of 75%
Yellow: Your inventory level is between 75% and 95% of the limit
Red: Your inventory level is above 90% of the limit

When you reach the stock warehouse limit, you will be notified in the seller’s account and email address.

Excess stock limit how to do?

If you send more stock than is allowed by the FBA warehousing limit, additional stock may be rejected by the logistics center.

Here are three ways to reduce FBA inventory:
Sell ​​your current stock.

Ask FBA to return some of your inventory to you by creating a removal order.

3, request the FBA to dispose of some of your inventory by creating a stock removal request.

When you do this, the monitor line will not be updated immediately, but will not be processed until the next day.

So how do we solve the restrictions?

1 contact customer service, increase the limit

Amazon examines storage restrictions every month. If you’ve been able to sell 8% or more of your inventory each week for the past 9 weeks, you qualify for a rise. Sellers can also contact the Amazon Seller Support to request a liter position.

Note: Amazon makes decisions based on specific circumstances. Factors such as current inventory turnover and inventory type are also factors that influence the decision.

2 Predict the condition for raising the limit

Before raising the limit, it is best to know the conditions for raising the limit. The following is the Amazon Merchants Manager to answer some of the conditions on the Amazon FBA ascended the warehouse:

FBA ascended the conditions
1, the use of FBA time ≥ 6 weeks, if not reached, at least have to use more than 4 weeks;

2, the last 6 weeks sold out rate (sold out rate) = weekly sales / weekly inventory (requirements are ≥ 8% per week, the stock can ask the seller’s delivery volume and arrival time, also Can check the seller platform stock report);

3, WOC = week of coverage = current inventory level / average weekly sales over the past 4 weeks, the main indicator is that your inventory can be consumed for several weeks.


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