FBAforward: FBA shipping considerations

Recently, many sellers shipped in the FBA, the goods did not enter the FBA warehouse shelves on time, but instead received an Amazon e-mail warning “overweight”, there are sellers were reminded because of the goods overweight was suspended FBA The goods, no matter what kind of situation mentioned above, mean that the original delivery schedule and the rhythm of the operation will be affected. The peak season has come, but the operation has been chaotic and frustrating.

Therefore, the seller must ensure that the single box of goods in the FBA when the goods are not overweight, although Amazon said that if you can overweight over “Team Lift” logo, but “who knows?

According to the platform requirements, the seller can not exceed 50 pounds of single box when shipped, converted to kg, the best single-box weight control within 22Kg as well, at the same time, the platform also made the box size requirements, that is, for the standard size Product, the unilateral length of the box can not exceed 25 “, converted into centimeters, is about 63.5CM, but the total measurement error, it is recommended that the unilateral length control within 62CM can be.

The above weight and size are hard targets. Did you get it?

In addition to FBA shipping issues that may result from weight and size issues, recently sellers have been notified by the system because there has been a recent case of a Create Removal Order. Therefore, the product will be shipped on January 1, 2018 It was previously restricted to create new FBA shipping plans.

This is also enough to make a lot of trouble, which to a large extent means that the busy season and hope for six months, will be just missed. If the product is not sold well, my heart can find some balance, but if this product is exactly the main push of the explosion, has created a good Listing performance, accumulated a lot of Review, miss the peak season is equal to self-abolition martial arts, that Sour kind of afraid that only experienced sellers themselves know.

So in this need to remind the seller during this peak season, for whatever reason, do not arbitrarily remove the inventory of a product, especially for some customary order to save shipping costs to remove the order (Create Removal Order) In lieu of the seller of a multi-channel Create Fulfilment Order, it must not be overkill in the end and will ultimately outweigh the benefits.

Of course, if you have encountered this catastrophe, then there is no other way, the original listing of the FBA inventory sold out, you can use the way to ship with a sell, and you can also re-create a new same Listing, FBA delivery And rebuild.

The third pit for FBA delivery is the product label. High season is coming, each seller’s delivery are more up, if the manpower is not enough and there is no standard operating procedures, prone to mislabeled situation, and Amazon FBA warehouse in the order distribution is fully in accordance with the product label to scan the delivery Once the seller has posted the wrong product label, the final result must be the bulk of the wrong goods, and when you realize that the goods have come to the hands of customers, the face will be a refund, disputes and negative feedback.

Therefore, the FBA stocking delivery, we must repeatedly review to ensure that the product label is not wrong.

Sellers in the development of FBA delivery plan, but also to take into account the issue of sub-warehouse and warehouse. Especially for new sellers and new accounts, you would like to allocate your delivery plan by default. However, the new sellers will have fewer orders at a time. As long as the positions are sub-positions, the shipping cost of the single ticket may be higher than expected. Therefore, the seller must be shipped in accordance with the platform to provide a combination of rates table to check, the combined costs and goods generated when the additional costs compared to see whether the low cost of warehousing or co-location costs low , The two choose its low, to do a good job.

Finally, you need to be reminded that each FBA shipped quantity must be accurate and accurate, that is, the actual number of issued and the delivery plan to maintain the exact number of the same, the only way to ensure rapid warehousing. Recently, there are sellers to reflect, because the actual number of shipments than the number of shipments plan was rejected Amazon shelves, although you may not have encountered such a situation, but to ensure accuracy is not only the basic requirements of our work, do To avoid the delay in the shelves and sales, so be careful as well.


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