Amazon logistics provider FBAforward in the United States is urgently closed! FBA seller’s goods may not be returned

In early August, Amazon’s logistics provider FBAforward in the United States posted an announcement on its home page informing it of an emergency shutdown of its warehouse and no longer accepting any orders. As these warehouses suddenly stopped working, some Amazon sellers took more than a week to retrieve the inventory they placed in the FBAforward warehouse.(China FBAforward go on FBA service from China to all FBA warehouse)

As early as August 7, a seller said in a tweet: “Three weeks ago, I had paid the shipping fee to FBAforward, but the logistics carrier said that I never paid the freight and would not release my goods. .”

The company specializes in helping sellers receive inventory from overseas suppliers and will ship them to Amazon FBA distribution centers. The services provided by FBAforward are as follows:

“FBAforward is a freight forwarder and inspection service company for Amazon FBA sellers. Product import may be a nightmare for sellers, and our goal is to solve this problem for sellers. We will work with customs brokers to bring your products Sent to the US for inspection and labeling, and then send the merchandise to Amazon’s warehouse.”

Last week, FBAforward did not mention the reason for the sudden closure of the company in the email to the seller, but said: “It is a pity that FBAforward will immediately close and no longer accept orders for shipment through us.”

FBAforward advises customers to contact a company called ShipCalm to get their inventory back. Some sellers reported the initial confusion of FBAforward, a logistics company hired by FBAforward customers to retrieve inventory, saying that two of FBAforward’s three warehouses were accessible, but another warehouse was “unpaid”. blockade”.

FBAforward said that the news was wrong, but it has not yet been clarified.

According to the latest reports, ShipCalm may have been involved in the management of the warehouse. But FBAForward’s customers say the closure of this important service is costly and expensive.

Other FBA sellers who are ready to use the FBAforward service may be uncomfortable with the sudden closure of the company. But before that, there seems to be no sign of any trouble in the long-term dependence of this customer. Until May of this year, FBAforward announced that it would transfer its warehouse operations to a larger warehouse nearby.

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